Reader to Reader


In 2007, MWA teamed up with Reader to Reader, a non-profit organization that donates free books to libraries in the nation’s most underserved communities. This partnership, which evolved through our mutual involvement in the Reading Promotion Partners program sponsored by the Library of Congress’s Center for the Book, has resulted in MWA members donating thousands of books to the Navajo Nation and the Mississippi Library System.  We have again been paired with the Navajo Nation for 2013.

Learn more about Reader to Reader at their website:

If you’re a publisher, bookstore, reviewer, or just a bibliophile with books you no longer need or want, we’d like to hear from you. We will take care of the shipping charges. Please contact us also if your book group, school, Scout troop, or other local organization would like to organize a book drive for the Navajo Nation library.

Here’s what to do:

Contact us at and tell us approximately what you have to donate. Next, pack your books in sturdy boxes and weigh and measure each box (length, width, height). Send us that information, and we’ll e-mail you the UPS account information. Log into MWA’s UPS account and arrange to have them pick up your books. If you need a tax donation receipt, let us know and we’ll contact Reader to Reader, who will provide it for you. Chapter book drives and conference book drives are encouraged.

Here’s what we want:

New or used books in these categories: fiction of all kinds, (including mysteries and thrillers), children’s books, “big reader” storytime books, how-to non-fiction, cookbooks, gardening, landscaping, decorating, home repair, medical reference books newer than five years old, true crime, and history. Any other subject that is contemporary and of general interest to a library is welcome.

Here’s what we don’t want:

Old, outdated text books, outdated medical, travel, or computer books (anything older than 5 years old), Advance Readers Copies, or the contents of your grandmother’s attic unless you have culled all old, mildewed, and damaged books. All books should be smoke-free and in good condition.