MWA Membership Application

Application and Payment Information

You may fill the form in online (you must print it and either mail or fax it to us or save to your computer and email it), print an application form and fill in by hand or write us (address below) to ask for one.  NOTE: If you are using the online interactive form, you need to do a “save as” on your computer before you can email it to the national office.

If you are applying for Active Status membership for the first time, please make sure you include the information regarding your professional credits (within the genre).

Completed application forms should be sent to the same address. You may also fax your application to 212-888-8107 or email it to:

All memberships and membership classifications must be approved by the MWA Board. Dues for all categories of membership are $115 per term.

There is no initiation fee.

You may pay online via the MWA store; otherwise please include a check or money order for your first year’s dues, made out to Mystery Writers of America, with your application.

STEP 1 Click here to download the membership application form. Fill the form in online and print it out and either email, snail mail or fax it to us. If you are going to email it, please save it as an entirely new document (new name) or the information you insert might not be saved.

STEP 2 Mail Applications and Requests to: Mystery Writers of America 1140 Broadway, Suite 1507 New York NY 10001

STEP 3 If you are paying by check, please make sure you include it with your membership application. If you want to pay via credit card or PayPal, please use the MWA store. If you are making this purchase on behalf of another individual, please enter that person’s name in the Additional Comments area so we can match the payment with the application.