Odd Partners

Edited by Anne Perry

Mystery Writers of America
Edited by Anne Perry
April 23, 2019 | A Ballantine Hardcover
ISBN: 9781524799359 | eISBN: 9781524799366
$28.00  Available at IndieBound and other sellers.

Unlikely pairs join forces to crack intriguing cases in an anthology edited by New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry, featuring nineteen original stories by Jacqueline Winspear, Jeffery Deaver, Allison Brennan, Robert Dugoni, Charles Todd, and many more, including Perry herself.

There have been many celebrated fictional detective teams over the years: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Nick and Nora Charles. Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings. Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. The last pair is the creation of beloved mystery writer Anne Perry, who, as the editor of Odd Partners and in conjunction with Mystery Writers of America, has enlisted some of today’s best mystery writers to craft all-new stories about unlikely duos who join forces—sometimes unwillingly—to solve beguiling whodunits.

From Perry’s own entry, in which an English sergeant and his German counterpart set out to find a missing soldier during World War I, to a psychological tale of an airplane passenger who wakes up unsure of who he is and must enlist his fellow passengers to help him remember, to a historical mystery about a misguided witch-hunt and the unlikely couple that brings it down, each story deals in the wonderful complexities of human interactions. And not just human interactions: Honey bees avenge the death of their beekeeper, a wandering cat brings home clues to a murder, and a gray wolf and a fly fisherman in the Minnesota woods try to protect their land from a brash billionaire.

Featuring work by New York Times bestselling authors, Edgar Award winners, and up-and-coming members of Mystery Writers of America, these tales of friends, enemies, and pairs who lie somewhere in the middle will satisfy every type of mystery reader. Featuring each author’s signature brand of suspense, these stories give new meaning to the word “teamwork.”

Featuring stories by:

Ace Atkins
Allison Brennan
Shelley Costa
Jeffery Deaver
Robert Dugoni
William Frank
Georgia Jeffries
Lou Kemp
William Kent Krueger
Joe R. Lansdale
Lisa Morton
Claire Ortalda
Anne Perry
Adele Polomski
Stephen Ross
Mark Thielman
Charles Todd
Jacqueline Winspear
Amanda Witt