Benefits of Membership

Member Benefits

Nelson DeMille, one of the greatest writers in our genre, gives you a few more reasons to join MWA. Nelson, whose books have sold 50 million copies worldwide, is a past president of MWA and a card-carrying member for 38 years.  Read his Letter.

Here are just a few of the benefits offered by MWA to its members. New benefits are constantly being added, and all benefits are subject to change without notice:

  • Ten issues annually of The Third Degree, our national newsletter.
  • Chapter membership. There is no additional charge for membership in any of MWA’s eleven regional chapters. Chapters often host meetings and special programs of their own, and each chapter produces its own newsletter. All chapters have their own e-mail discussion lists at
  • Breakout Advanced Level E-List: This e-mail list at is limited to practical issues, including touring, contracts, publicity, agents, foreign rights, movie options and other business questions. This private list is for active status members only.
  • Discussion list for those interested in learning/discussing the business of self-publishing – a private list for all current members.
  • Discounts through Working Advantage to numerous entertainment venues, including Broadway plays, movies, amusement parks, ski resorts, cruises, and much more, as well as for a wide variety of merchandise.
  • Discounts on books ordered from Writer’s Digest Books and Writer’s Digest magazine.
  • Discounts on books purchased from Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas
  • Discounts on subscriptions to Publishers Weekly, The Writer, The Strand, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Discount subscription rate to Publisher Alley. Discount to Jane Friedman’s Hot Sheet.
  • Access to insurance via a partnership with LIG – a concierge service
  • Access to EMWA, our e-mail discussion list at, which is open only to MWA members, and databases associated with it, such as our list of libraries looking for speakers.
  • Access to our Juvenile/YA e-mail discussion list at, which is open only to MWA members.
  • Access to our Self-Publishing email discussion list at, whis is only open to MWA members.
  • The MWA e-Bulletin, sent by e-mail whenever special announcements – such as Edgars® Award nominees & winners, a call for participation in MWA’s anthologies or announcing new member benefits.
  • The Edgars® Week Symposium provides a chance to learn from the best in the business and for professionals to discuss issues affecting writers today. Members receive a discount on the Symposium fee. Invitations mailed to members annually.
  • The Edgars® Awards Banquet. Invitations automatically mailed to members annually.
  • The MWA Library Database has contact information for hundreds of libraries interested in programs featuring mystery writers as speakers which is now free for all members.
  • The MWA Bookstore Database lists hundreds of bookstores of interest to mystery writers now free to all members.
  • The MWA Loan Fund helps members in need of temporary financial assistance, either to pay their dues or to ease a personal problem.
  • Our contracts & grievances committee
  • A national mentor program – available for all current members of MWA.
  • A national manuscript critique program – available for all current members of MWA.
  • Participation in our short story anthologies – either by invitation or blind submission.

There are many other benefits of membership in MWA. Some of them are less tangible but perhaps more valuable than those listed above: the opportunity to belong to an organization which has represented leading writers in this genre for more than 75 years, the fellowship of other writers, and the chance to work together to promote the genre and protect writers’ rights. Mystery Writers of America is proud of its members, past and present, and welcomes you to join us.