Authors Coalition Survey

Please check the categories to which you belong, i.e., in which you qualify as a published author.
For purposes of this survey, a “published” work means that
1) the work is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad and is not self-published, or
2) if the work is self-published, that there have been at least 1,000 copies sold, that the work is commercially distributed outside the U.S. and is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad.
For purposes of this survey, author-subsidized publications shall be considered self-published.
We know that the list is not inclusive, but all Coalition members must use this list because this is how foreign reprographic rights organizations conduct their surveys to determine what kinds of non-title specific works are being photocopied.

(If you checked the Nonfiction Author box, you must also check one or more of the 3 sub-types below. Do not check more than one piece of work, i.e., the same book cannot qualify you as both a Textbook and Nonfiction Other author; however, you may check two or more boxes for two or more different pieces of work.)
(nonfiction writing for a periodical such as a newspaper, magazine, or newsletter)