Super Puzzletastic Mysteries

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries
On Sale: 06/23/2020

edited by Chris Grabenstein
HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 978-0062884206

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Bestselling author Chris Grabenstein and Mystery Writers of America bring together twenty peerless puzzles—from bestselling authors such as Peter Lerangis, Stuart Gibbs, Lauren Magaziner, Kate Milford, and, of course, Grabenstein himself—in an anthology of mystery short stories that invite readers to try to unravel the riddles themselves.

From tales of hapless superheroes and stolen squirrel monkeys to murderous triplets and haunted basements, these thrilling, puzzling, and hilarious cases have one thing in common—YOU get a chance to be the detective before the author reveals the solution.

With twenty-never-before-published mystery stories, this collection will leave young detectives sleuthing for more!

With stories by:

Bryan Patrick Avery
Fleur Bradley
Laura Brennan
Lara Cassidy
Sheela  Chari
Alane Ferguson
Stuart Gibbs
Lamar Giles
Chris Grabenstein
Bruce Hale
Steve Hockensmith
Peter Lerangis
Lauren Magaziner
Kate Milford
Gigi Pandian
James Ponti
Eileen Rendahl
Fred Rexroad
Maureen Walsh
Tyler Whitesides