A Statement from MWA’s Board of Directors

Earlier this year, Mystery Writers of America (MWA) received a complaint from a MWA member alleging misconduct by another MWA member at a publishing industry event held in 2019.  Guided by the procedures in our Code of Conduct, the Board instructed MWA’s General Counsel to conduct a comprehensive and objective investigation into the incident.  All parties involved were given an opportunity to provide their accounting of the events and any related documentation and information. The accused member, through his attorney, declined to provide a statement.

After reviewing all of the evidence, our General Counsel issued to the Board a confidential and detailed report recommending that MWA disassociate from the alleged perpetrator and impose the maximum penalty: a permanent ban from (i) further membership in MWA and (ii) attending and/or participating in any future MWA events or programs, at both the national and chapter level.  After reviewing and discussing the report, MWA’s Board of Directors found the complainant to be credible and voted to enforce the maximum punishment as recommended by legal counsel.

The safety of our members has always been, and will continue to be, of paramount importance to our organization. We do not condone, nor will ignore reports of, misconduct.