Meet MWA’s New Board of Directors

Join MWA’s National Board of Directors for our annual party at Mysterious Bookshop on Friday, January 13th – 6 to 8 pm. In attendance will be: Donna Andrews, Frankie Y. Bailey, Laura K. Curtis, Jeffery Deaver, Hannah Dennison, Laura Durham, Lyndsay Faye, Daniel Hale, Thomas Hopp, Harry Hunsicker, Laurie R. King, Allison Leotta, Larry Light, Elizabeth Little, Jeffrey Marks, Tony Perona, Lori Rader-Day, Manuel Ramos, J.M. Redmann, Mark Stevens, Charles Todd, Maggie Toussaint, and Mo Walsh

Their books will be available to purchase.  There will be wine!  Should be a great time!!

Mysterious Bookshop
58 Warren Street
New York NY