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Earlier this year, you may have seen some information about several writers’ organizations, including the Author’s Guild, the SFWA, and the Horror Writers’ Association, announcing a partnership with LIG Solutions to help their members navigate the brave new world of the health insurance marketplace. After some investigation and some interrogation and information-seeking, Mystery Writers of America has signed on with these other organizations to offer this service to our membership. Please remember this is NOT an insurance plan, but rather a concierge service to help you find the health insurance plan that works the best for you and your families. Think of it as a travel agency for insurance; where you can simply call, tell them what you’re looking for and what you can afford, and they will do the research to find the plan that closest fits your needs. There is no cost to the membership for this service.

We hope that this service will prove beneficial to our members going forward. The National Board is regularly looking for new services and benefits, whether free or deeply discounted, to assist our members. This service is not run by Mystery Writers of America, and while we do want to know about any issues you may have with the service, we have no control over the program.

Mystery Writers of America is excited to announce a new member health insurance benefit that can help keep you, your family, and even your business cost-effectively covered and healthy.

We have partnered with LIG Solutions (LIG) to be able to offer you exclusive health insurance and related coverage options including major medical, short term health plans, vision and dental plans, critical care coverage, life, and several different supplemental health options.

These programs are exclusively offered to you, your family, and business owners/employees. As these are individual health plans, they are tailored to your unique health and financial needs. This will allow you to find affordable coverage from major carriers regardless of where you live in the USA.

For business owners, we can offer coverage for not only you but your employees and their families with a cost-effective turnkey program that uses our Group Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) Program to deliver choice to your employees and gives you as the business owner a worry-free solution that goes well beyond a traditional group plan.

As this program launches for all MWA members, you can do one of the following to get more information about these health coverage options: 

  • Call 888-879-0455 to speak directly with the MWA/LIG team of licensed advisors about your health coverage needs.
  • Visit learn about the program as well as schedule an appointment to learn more about this valuable MWA member benefit.

 The licensed advisors at LIG are based in Independence, Ohio. They are here to help assist you in finding the right plans with a no-obligation health insurance assessment along with concierge service to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve while making it easy to get the right health coverage.

We thank you for being a valued member of Mystery Writers of America and your continued support of our organization.  If you need additional information regarding this new member benefit, please call 888-879-0455 to speak with the team at LIG or visit our dedicated page at:


MWA National Board of Directors


P.S. If the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you, your family, your business/employees, and health coverage is a concern, please know that you have options, and the team at LIG can assist you.