MWA Stands with the WGA

On May 2, 2023, the Writers Guild of America went on strike.

“Writers are facing the most comprehensive assault on compensation and working conditions that they have seen in a generation,” the WGA stated. “The studios have taken advantage of the transition to streaming to underpay entertainment industry workers, including writers in every area of work. Like too many working people across our economy, as corporate profits grow, writers are just not keeping up.”

Mystery Writers of America is dedicated to promoting higher regard for crime writing and recognition and respect for those who write within the genre. Our motto is “Crime doesn’t pay . . . enough.”

We also support the right of writers in all genres to be treated as professionals. We support our many members who are also WGA members. We stand with the WGA.

Pay the writers!

Please check out WGA’s website for more information on:

How you can support the WGA:

Strike rules (including WGA’s position on nonmembers who perform writing services for struck companies during the strike):