Welcome from the MWA President

Hello, members and friends of Mystery Writers of America!

MWA is one of the most significant organizations in the world dedicated to crime and mystery writing. It’s my privilege to serve as its 2019 president and support its mission: to promote recognition and respect for crime writing and those who write it, to encourage literacy, and to support aspiring writers, booksellers, librarians, publishers, editors, agents, and the wonderful community devoted to the genre.

Anyone who writes knows its joys and challenges. Knows the thrill of creating worlds out of our experience and imagination. The satisfaction of connecting with readers. The struggle, the hair-pulling frustration, the euphoria. The grinding self-doubt. The conviction that there’s nothing in the world we’d rather be doing.

MWA is here to amplify support for those who write crime and mystery. Young writers. Aspiring authors just setting out to navigate the world of publishing. Experienced pros who are working, with patience and grit, to develop their careers. Diverse voices that—if we’re going to be a truly inclusive organization, one that deserves the name “community”—we must hear, welcome, support, and shine a light on.

MWA offers membership benefits including mentorship, professional advice, education, and discounts on entertainment, symposiums, and subscriptions. And, especially, it offers the chance to connect with a passionate band people who celebrate the power of the written word.

Members: Thank you. Newcomers: Join us.

To all: Welcome.

Meg Gardiner
MWA President